Session Fee & Pricing

Our session fee starts at $125 for groups of 5* or fewer and does not include any images. Occasionally we offer mini-session packages that will include a print or two, but not the digital files. We do, however, provide you with a web-size digital file for each of the images you invest in. 

*If you have a group of 6 or more, let's talk about it in advance so that there are no surprises, for you or for us. 

Our framed images start at $80. You will not find the frames we offer at Aaron Brothers or Bed, Bath & Beyond, though they have some really nice frames. Your prints will be archival quality, matted and mounted with archival materials and framed with lots of love and great care. 

In this digital age, everyone wants digital files, and we get it! We do too. So, we do offer them. However, they are probably going to be a lot more expensive* than you might want them to be. Here's the thing... our goal in capturing you and/or your family is to provide you with heirloom quality images to adorn your home and maybe even your workspace. We also offer a wide variety of products... announcements, greeting cards, ornaments, gallery wraps, metal prints, etc. Contact Barbie for more information.

*During the holiday season, we tend to offer a Holiday Card Package which gives you 5 of your favorite prints for a drastically reduced price. 

We typically require 3-6 weeks for processing, but if you need that expedited we can generally accommodate that, however there may be an expedite fee. Expedited orders are processed and uploaded within 10-12 business days. If expediting your order is not an option within the 12 business days, we will notify you and refund your fee. Again, let's talk about this ahead of time, so that we can determine if we are the right team for your session.

Let's talk more about processing. We take pride in our work, and will do all we can to make sure the lighting and colors are as true to natural as possible, which might involve quite a bit of time in post-processing, depending on how many captures we are working with. We love a photo with no distractions, so, while we are making minor adjustments to exposure or color temperature, we might take the time to edit out a blemish, or two. We don't charge for that kind of retouching, because, quite honestly, it's a really simple fix these days. However, if you feel that your hair needs to be fixed or a bulging shirt isn't appealing and you want it corrected, it will move beyond what we refer to as "processing", and into the space of actual retouching, and we will need to charge for that. The retouching fee would be dependent upon the complexity of the request. We will be glad to give you an estimate of what the cost would be, but we can cross that bridge if we end up there.

What Not to Wear

We are fans of neutral colors, as they are timeless and simple, allowing for the subject(s) in the photo to get the limelight. When capturing more than one person in a session, we recommend that one (and we really mean one) person wear a pattern of some kind, and for anyone else to remain in solid colors. Again, with most of you wearing neutrals. We are aware that mixing patterns is a thing right now. However, it probably won't remain a thing indefinitely. If there are 3 or more in your group, we love it when there is a designated person that is the "pop of color"  that will compliment the decor where the art will hang. In groups of 6 or more, by all means, have two people in that same color! In either case, just make sure that the same color is present in the pattern that the one person is wearing. We also think that layers are always an asset to a beautiful final image because they bring different textures and lines into your heirloom prints.

If any in the portraits wear glasses, please keep in mind that transitions lenses do not photograph well at all in outdoor settings. Most of our clients end up having to remove them, or wish they did, when they see their images. So, our advice, plan ahead and bring a bag to safely store them in while we capture your images, or (if you won't fall while walking without them) leave them in your vehicle.

Oh! and, shoes... if most of you are going to be wearing them, then all of you should be. If most will be barefooted, it would look best if all were. Make sense?


Want to see some of the locations we think are great? Shoot us an email and ask for our Locations Gallery Password. We are always open to new locations, we just ask that you allow us time to visit the location in plenty of time (and at the same time of day that our session is scheduled) to allow us to plan accordingly, and help us achieve the best possible session.